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About Sharp Labs

At Sharp Laboratories of America, we get a never-ending preview of some of the most exciting developments of the future… and each one of us has our signature on a part of it. We’re not only making things faster, thinner and simpler every day. We’re making work more rewarding, entertainment more exciting, and life more fulfilling for us all.

Headquartered in Camas, Washington and a cornerstone of Sharp Corporation’s global research and development network, Sharp Labs’ fundamental and applied research feeds Sharp’s vast appetite for technologies that not only are innovative, elegant and practical – but that by design improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.

Our History

Founded in 1995, Sharp Labs is Sharp Corporation’s first and only U.S.-based research and development laboratory. From the start, we’ve had exceptional autonomy to focus on the trends, technology issues, and product demands of North American markets and to develop technologies to match. This perspective has led to breakthrough innovations that have found their way into Sharp products sold throughout the world. In the process, we’ve added affiliated offices and facilities in Huntington Beach, California and Bangalore, India.

Our Innovations

Having filed more than 2,000 patent applications since our founding, Sharp Labs aims high, toward ideas that can profoundly affect how people interact with and benefit from technology. That’s an expectation innate to the values of Sharp Corporation, the company which developed the first practical handheld calculators, flat panel displays, and the cell phone camera to name but a few.

Our Organization

We have organized our R&D initiatives within four areas representing what we believe are the core for future generations of practical and paradigm-shifting products: Consumer Systems & Technology, Digital Imaging Systems, Advanced Video & Display Technology, and Material & Device Applications Laboratory. Each of these units lay claim to some of the best and brightest technologists and scientists in the industry, and is characterized by the teamwork, respect, sincerity and creativity that are deeply embedded in Sharp’s culture.