Sharp has a long history in renewable energy technologies, beginning with the development of single-crystal silicon solar cells in 1967.  Sharp continues to advance photovoltaic performance, recently setting new performance records with triple-junction compound-semiconductor solar cells.  At SLA, we are developing new energy generation and storage technologies to continue this tradition of leadership.

SLA is also developing sophisticated system and software technologies to enable customers to manage energy utilization more efficiently, reduce utility costs, and contribute to a greener society.  SLA is integrating hardware such as solar panels and batteries with proprietary software that provides automated control and advanced analytics.

Current R&D Focus Areas


Solar Energy

Since launching commercial solar sales over 60 years ago, Sharp has positioned itself as a global leader in the solar industry by offering both efficient and affordable systems. SLA is actively developing next-generation solar energy technologies, including advanced nanomaterial-based photovoltaics, hybrid CPV-CSP system and thin profile CPV system. Additional funding for these projects is provided by DOE ARPA-E.


Battery Technology

The proliferation of mobile devices, integration of renewable energy to the electrical grid, and growing acceptance of electric vehicles are driving increased interest in energy storage. SLA is at the forefront of these trends. For example, SLA is leading development of a low cost sodium-ion battery to enable grid-scale energy storage. Our goal is to enable wider deployment of renewable energy infrastructures.

Energy Management Systems and Services

When combined with cost-effective energy storage, solar power can reliably reduce peak demand. SLA develops novel system technologies that enable commercial customers to save money while reducing the need for costly upgrades to power generation and distribution infrastructure.