Mobile Communications


For over a decade, SLA has developed advanced technologies and intellectual property to support Sharp’s cellular phone business. Our early standards work led to Sharp’s successful launch of the world’s first camera phone, while our early product development and certification efforts paved the way for the commercial launch of advanced feature phones and smart phones for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. SLA has promoted our innovative technologies in meetings of the 3rd Generation Partnership Program (3GPP) since 2007, when 3GPP first started specification work in LTE.  SLA continues to innovate with development activities ranging from advanced automated testing platforms to wearable communication products.

Current R&D Focus Areas


Advanced Software Technologies

SLA is at the forefront of mobile communication development including research and commercialization of mobile applications, services, protocols, novel display and imaging hardware, and user interface technologies.


Intellectual Property

SLA has been a key developer of 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile communication intellectual property. Our patent portfolio includes technologies to extend handset battery life, improve communication reliability and security, reduce network overhead, and enable delivery and coordination of advanced features and services.


3rd Generation Partnership (3GPP) Membership

SLA team members participate with leading industry counterparts to develop standards for future generations of mobile communication products and services.


Automated Testing

Today’s smartphones have thousands of feature combinations that must operate reliably in a variety of changing networks while complying with government, regulatory agency, and carrier requirements. SLA’s lab and field test automation solutions have been deployed worldwide to improve quality and reduce time to market for Sharp smartphones.