Health & Environment


SLA develops sensors and algorithms that span the medical and wellness technologies spectrum, with the goal of improving lives and lifestyles.  Our industry standard connectivity capabilities create solutions that deliver health biometrics to a range of endpoints, from personal smartphones to corporate EHR servers, enabling secure and encrypted data access across the globe.  Sharp’s holistic health vision also encompasses the environment in which we live, integrating connectivity into Sharp’s existing portfolio of environmental products.

Current R&D Focus Areas



Smart deployment of cost effective technologies is the key to providing better outcomes. Intermittent monitoring in a doctor’s office will give way to continuous monitoring enabled with advanced smartphones and wireless sensors, supporting more accurate diagnosis and faster recovery.  SLA is at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging core competencies in sensors and algorithms, wireless communication, data analytics, and product development to create next-generation solutions for consumer-focused health and wellness.



Sharp is a leading global supplier of advanced electronic sensors for automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. By 2020, it is estimated that as many as 200 billion of these Smart Sensors will be deployed and wirelessly enabled.  Smart Sensor deployment will yield broad societal benefits, including improved transportation, safer cities, and a cleaner environment.  SLA develops the necessary algorithms, software, and intellectual property to realize this vision.