Sharp to Release Microwave Sensor Module

on 25 June, 2015

Enables Non-Contact Detection of Heartbeats, Breathing, and Body Motion

Sharp Corporation has developed a microwave sensor module, the DC6M4JN3000, which is capable of non-contact detection of human and animal body motion and biological functions such as heartbeats and breathing. The module will be marketed to equipment manufacturers.

The DC6M4JN3000 emits microwaves in the direction of a human or animal subject. These microwaves reflect back off the surface of the subject and change slightly in accordance with movements of the subject’s heart and lungs. From these changes, the DC6M4JN3000 measures biological information such as heart and respiratory rates. This sensor module employs Sharp’s microwave satellite-television antenna technology—an area in which the company has many years of experience—as well as a proprietary signal-processing circuit and an algorithm for detecting biological functions.

The DC6M4JN3000 is capable of measuring heart rate within a margin of error of ±10% when placed roughly three meters away from the target subject*1. And because the unit uses microwaves, it can detect targets located behind obstacles such as mattresses, doors, and walls*2. This makes it possible to measure biological information even when the target is asleep or in situations where the target’s privacy must be maintained (such as in the washroom or bathroom), thereby enabling this sensor module to boost the level of service given in elderly care or nursing care.

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