Cloud & Business Solutions


SLA develops leading-edge B2B products that improve employee productivity, reduce costs, enhance collaboration, and meet rapidly changing business demands.  We bring innovative thinking to the development of advanced business products by anticipating and responding to the latest technological trends and market needs of business, government, and educational customers.  Flat panel displays, interactive touch panels, multifunction peripherals, business robotics, and other digital media products and services benefit from our software and solutions.



Advanced Document Solutions

SLA has a long tradition of creating innovative technologies for Sharp’s award winning multifunction peripherals (MFPs), including peer-to-peer network scanning, Open System Architecture (OSA) platform, and the first tablet-like MFP user interface.  We are now creating next generation platforms, user interfaces, and solutions for future document-related devices, while exploring new opportunities as the role and form of business documents evolve.


Cloud Solutions

Companies are increasingly developing and utilizing software hosted in the cloud to reduce costs, maximize flexibility, and leverage scalable resources.  Working closely with our sales subsidiaries and technology partners, SLA is developing cloud-based solutions that extend the value of Sharp business products.


Business Robotics

Autonomous vehicles and machines with ever-increasing intelligence represent high-growth market opportunities.  SLA is supporting relevant B2B markets with advanced capabilities enabled by supporting software.


Color and Imaging

Leveraging expertise in color science, image understanding, and pattern analysis, SLA adds value to Sharp’s hardcopy and display businesses.  Specific technology areas include improved image quality, color calibration, mobile capture, enhanced document workflows, data analytics, and intuitive human-computer interaction.


Cross Product Communications

Pervasive connectivity across a broad range of devices has become a key element of efficient business platforms.  SLA is developing programmable interfaces for a variety of operating systems, supporting secure and efficient connections between tablets, smart phones, digital whiteboards, and digital printers and scanners.