Video & Vision


SLA develops technologies that provide flawless delivery of communication, information, and entertainment to your phone, home, or office.  Our technologies help create a world that understands, anticipates, and cooperates.

Video, cellular, and vision technologies have forever changed how we communicate, learn, work, and relax.  SLA brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in video coding, image processing, communications standards, computer vision, and computer science.  We are dedicated to creating novel technology, and we partner with universities and leading technology companies to deliver cutting-edge functionality to Sharp TV’s, phones, and displays.  We are also deeply engaged in the creation of new business both domestically and globally.

Current R&D Focus Areas


Video Coding and Enhancement

SLA conducts research in the areas of video signal compression, video communication, visual quality assessment, and algorithm design. We actively contribute to the design of video coding standards such as HEVC, H.264/AVC, and their extensions. Our contributions aim to achieve significant compression gains, enable parallelism to leverage the multi-core processing capabilities of encoders and decoders, improve error robustness of video bitstreams, and support advanced display capabilities.   We actively publish our research findings in peer-reviewed IEEE and ACM conferences and journals.


Visual Quality Optimization and Assessment

SLA utilizes human visual system models for optimization of perceived image and video quality during algorithm design. We also have expertise in standards-based, subjective quality studies and objective visual quality metric design.


Computer Vision

SLA develops computer vision technology to support multiple Sharp business areas. We create technology for touch displays, mobile devices, and robotics, including vision-based mobile robot navigation, object detection, and touch tracking. We develop machine vision and image processing solutions for factory automation and inspection, including high-resolution imaging of LCD panels, defect measurement and correction, and high-speed object localization for inspection. Our team includes experts in signal/image/video processing, color and optics, computer vision, and machine learning.


Smart TV

SLA develops technologies and strategy for Sharp’s consumer display business. Our agile team is strategically positioned between the front lines of the North American market and Japan-based global technology development. For example, we develop cross-device platforms that drive connectivity between multiple displays, enabling new capabilities in the TV ecosystem.


Energy, Ecology and TV Standards

SLA is recognized as an industry leader in driving standards and regulations related to energy consumption, ecology, and consumer electronics devices.